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Climate change will increase armed conflicts according to a new study

Climate change, basically global warming in progress, will directly affect the global strategic balance and could lead, according to a new study, to an increase in armed conflicts.

The new research, carried out by experts from various institutes including Stanford University and Exeter, takes into consideration the hypothesis of an increase in global average temperatures of more than 2 ° C above pre-industrial levels.

According to the scientists behind this study, if temperatures rise more than 2 ° C, the risks of armed conflict increase by 13% and the higher the temperatures the more this risk increases. In fact, heating will not only lead to higher temperatures but also to droughts and floods which in turn will cause real economic shocks, that is more or less sudden economic crises that will bring the weaker states and those whose economies are particularly weak to their knees.

In these cases, the widespread impoverishment and inability of states to deal with these situations could then easily lead to episodes of violence as has always happened in those cases in which poverty or inequality between groups increases strongly and relatively quickly social partners in a particular region or area.